Modality Overview

The heatmap below shows the availability scores we assigned to denote how completely a certain data modality is available and shared in the investigated cohort datasets. The corresponding criteria for score assignments are shown in the table below the heatmap.


The following table illustrates the criteria used to define the availability scores for each investigated data modality. Following clear curation criteria helps to make the scores more comparable and interpretable.

Score Clinical MRI Demographics Blood Transcriptomics Genotype Blood Proteomics CSF PET Lifestyle Family Comorbidities Autopsy Medication
0 Not performed Not performed Not available Not performed Not performed Not performed Not performed Not performed Not available Not available Not available Not performed Not available
1 1-4 assessments ( Diagnosis not counted) Only processed data Sex, Age Only processed data APOE Only processed data At least 1 of: A-beta, pTau, tTau At least 1 of: FDG PET, Amyloid PET, AV PET At least 1 of: Substance consumption; physical activity; nutrition Dementia state of biological parents Information on at least 1 comorbidity Basic information (e.g. brain weight) AD medication
2 5 =< assessments Raw MRI images Sex, Age, Education, Race/Ethnicity Raw data Broad genotyping Raw data A-beta, pTau, tTau FDG PET, PiB PET, AV PET At least information on 2 of the above Additional Information Information on 5 =< other diseases Omics data or antibody assays conducted Detailed medication