Participant Follow-up / Drop-out

The chart below illustrates the longitudinal follow-up of the cohort studies and thereby inherently the participant drop-out over time. We display the proportion of assessed participants per month in study relative to its number of participants at study baseline. Respectively, the inverse of this proportion denotes the drop-out. All charts on this page enable users to zoom in and out and real values can be explored by hovering along the x-axis. Furthermore, you can filter cohorts by selecting them in the legend.

Biomarker-specific Follow-up

Explore the longitudinal assessment of a given feature across all the cohorts in ADataViewer. Since not every participant underwent all data collection procedures, the produced figures illustrate how complete and frequent longitudinal follow-up measurements were performed in each study for a feature of interest. Displayed is the proportion of a study's baseline participants per month in study. Type your feature of interest and click on the autocompletion; an interactive plot will be created automatically. For a detailed list of available features please click here.